One Water Madison

Stimulating water connections, engaging and empowering water stewards

One Water Madison logo with a droplet outline that has arrows to imply recycling.

Water is finite. We can’t create more of it.

All water is connected. We all live, work and play in the same watershed. By changing the way we think about and use water, we have the power to improve the quality of life on our planet. Be leaders. Respect every drop of water.

The Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District embraces the One Water approach, which views all water – drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, greywater and more – as one interconnected resource that must be managed holistically and sustainably. This means that the District makes water stewardship decisions that take into account the past, present and future of the water we treat.

The goal of One Water Madison is to stimulate water connections and engage and empower water stewards.

Meet 2023 Artist/Educator in Residence

Charles Payne