About the Shop One Artist/ Educator In Residence

Engaging and empowering water stewards

The Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District (District) is a leader in water stewardship, returning water safely to the environment and recovering resources like nutrients to help crops grow and methane to generate power. The District embraces a vision of enriching life through clean water and resource recovery and our mission of protecting public health and the environment, and has done so for nearly 100 years by operating the Nine Springs Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Shop One is a physical building at the plant with a rich history of adaptation, changing as the District’s needs have evolved. The call for this building’s next evolution is to repurposed into a flexible, community-oriented space to help the District tell our story, remember history, connect with the community, and look to the future. This artist/educator residency is the first in a series of Catalytic Projects to do this. In addition to being a physical space, it is also an opportunity to open the wastewater treatment plant beyond its fence and normal business hours; to teach through interactions, to provide hands-on opportunities and experiences; engage in conversations that challenge social norms and conventional thinking as well as collaborate and test new approaches to convey the One Water message. 

Application for this residency is not currently open. Interested parties can view the previous call for qualifications, and/or sign up to receive email updates if/when another call goes live.  

This Artist/Educator in Residence is intended to be a catalyst to activating the space and engaging and empowering water stewards.

One Water

Water is finite. We can’t create more of it. All water is connected. We all live, work and play in the same watershed. By changing the way we think about and use water, we have the power to improve the quality of life on our planet. Be leaders. Respect every drop of water.

This residency is the first of a series of Catalytic Projects for the District & Shop One. Design of this residency was supported by the US Water Alliance Arts & Culture Accelerator program. Community members served as creative collaboration advisors to guide development of this residency and other catalytic projects.