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Note on Fair Compensation +Requests for Artist/Educator Time

At the Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District, our mission is to protect public health and the environment. We know that taking care of the people who engage in the work to do this is part in the same, therefore, we seek to align our budget for the Shop One Artist/Educator residency with the amount of labor put in for this residency such that the artist/educator is being fairly compensated.

 The Resident Shop One Artist/Educator is compensated for 333 hours of work for the calendar year, coming out to about 5-7 hours/week. The 2022 Shop One Artist/Educator, nipinet landsem, has a complete residency plan which accounts for nearly all of those hours. Projects or collaborations bringing additional resources to support artist/educator labor, supplies etc., can be considered, but requests for collaboration with the artist/educator’s time, as supported by contract with the Sewerage District, will likely not fit in to the existing residency plan and contracted compensation. This may change for future residencies, but will be the case throughout 2022. 

 That being said, nipinet and the District do not have any exclusivity agreements. nipinet is a freelance artist and business owner, so please feel free to contact them directly for collaboration on projects independent of this residency at: [email protected].

 Also: If you have a great idea about ‘making the invisible visible’ and engaging/empowering water stewardship using arts and culture, please reach out to the District – we would like to hear from you. What Shop One is and does is still emerging, and now is a critical time to hear from the community regarding what it can and should be. We would like to be responsive to community needs, requests, and ideas and will be doing our best to utilize the finite resources we have with mission-aligned work without over extending or devaluing anyone’s labor. Thank you for understanding and for helping us stick to this commitment.

One Water

Water is finite. We can’t create more of it. All water is connected. We all live, work and play in the same watershed. By changing the way we think about and use water, we have the power to improve the quality of life on our planet. Be leaders. Respect every drop of water.

This residency is the first of a series of Catalytic Projects for the District & Shop One. Design of this residency was supported by the US Water Alliance Arts & Culture Accelerator program. Community members served as creative collaboration advisors to guide development of this residency and other catalytic projects.